Being a citizen of Grenada gives you a better chance of gaining access to the US through the E-2 Visa because you meet the first E-2 visa requirement, which is being a citizen of a country on this list of treaty nations with the US.

Statistics have shown that a lot of applications are now sent from the Caribbean heaven island of Grenada over the last few years. What this means is that you, as a citizen of Grenada can gain access to the U.S. via the E-2 visa, as long as you get an expert in the field of E-2 visa requirements like Martin J Lawler to get the job done.

With the US investment program, which Grenada is a part of, citizens of Grenada have been able to fast track their visa applications. Not every country of the world can have its citizens gaining access through the US via E1 or E-2 visa.

Currently, when we look at every other Caribbean country in existence, Grenada is the only nation that has a citizenship program with the U.S when E-2 visas are concerned. This was made possible after they negotiated an agreement and signed it in 2014 with the US. The agreement is the Commerce and Navigation Treaty. What this means is that citizens of Grenada can easily access the United States as long as they have the needed funds to start up a business in the US, or buy a business. They are expected to hold a controlling stake in the business they invest in.

With the E-2 visa application, Grenada citizens can gain access to the US with their dependents. When we talk of dependents, we talking of the spouse of the applicant, and his or her unmarried kids that are below the age of twenty-one. When the Grenada E-2 visa holder comes to the US, his spouse is permitted to work, and not his kids.

As a Grenada E-2 visa applicant, it is important to note that your kids can only school in the U.S., and once they get to twenty-one years, they are expected to return to their country.

Whatever business that you decide to create must not be marginal in nature. By this, we mean that the business should be able to employ not only you but others. Apart from that, it should be a venture that will bring in profit. Real estate is not allowed.

Since the US signed this treaty with Grenada, US citizens can equally gain access to Grenada to carry out similar things that a national of Grenada can do in the U.S.

The reason that a lot of Grenadian citizenship applications have increased is based on the fact that the backlog of immigration applications has risen drastically in the US.

Nationals of the following countries like India, China, Guatemala, and El Salvador face huge issues getting into the US and have to wait for long.

Since foreign investors that aren’t from the country listed in the E-2 visa list, a lot of them have decided to become Grenadian citizens, with the aim of using the Grenadian passport to gain access to the E-2 visa.

The E2 visa is one type of visa that can easily be renewed as long as the enterprise that brought you into the US is still in existence. This means that as long as the business you invested in still exists, you can stay in the US.

A lot of investors fancy the E-2 visa option because they don’t have to pay as much tax as a person with a Green card. If you want to gain access into the US with a green card, it is advisable to contact us today at Martin Lawler.

Grenada Is Not On E1 Visa List

For those that are citizens of Grenada, and want to gain access into the US, run a business, stay as long as wanted, without paying as much tax as expected of a Permanent resident or citizen, you should consider trying out the E-2 visa process.

However, to qualify, you will need to have a large number of financial resources of about $200,000 or even more.

Sometimes, you can access the E-2 visa even when you invested $50,000 into an existing or new business in the United States. To see how you can qualify, contact the best in the field, Martin Lawler. This amount is lesser by far than the expected cost of at least $200,000 for the Grenada Citizenship by investment program.

If you are not a citizen of a country that’s on the E-2 Treaty list, you can consider getting the passport of a country that’s on the list before you apply.

It is important to note that though Grenada is on the list of E2 Treaty, it isn’t on the list of E1 treaty. What this means is that citizens of Grenada can gain access to the US with the investment program, and not the Trade Treaty Treaty program of the E1 visa.

Usually, this makes little or no difference.

For those of you that aren’t a citizen of a country within the E-2 visa treaty list, it is advisable to try and become a citizen of a country within the list. For example, Grenada.

For a country like Grenada, becoming a citizen is made easy once you have financial resources to invest in Grenada of about a hundred thousand dollars or even less. The process takes less than 12 weeks to carry out. Once you are a Grenadian citizen, you can apply for the US E-2 visa.

The process of applying and getting both the Grenadian and US E-2 visa will take less than six months. This means that in no time, you are in the US, as long as you make use of an expert in the field.

When you get to the US as an investor, you can easily get an Employment Authorization Document for your spouse to work within the country.

While in the US, since you have met all the E-2 visa requirements, you can easily send your kids to US schools.

To get the E-2 visa, if you decide to create a new company, you will have to incorporate a new US company. You will need an office that is not the same as your home, as well as a legitimate phone number. You will also be needed to register with the Inland Revenue Service (IRS) and meet their requirements.