Which Countries Are Eligible for an E-2 Visa?

The E2 visa is seen as a great way of foreign investors entering into the U.S. to buy an enterprise or start one.

When applying for an E-2 visa, there are some subjective E-2 visa requirements that have to be noted.

You have to invest a large amount of money into the business, though there isn’t a specific amount of money that must be invested. The amount invested should be substantial enough that the business would be able to survive and run successfully.

The business is expected to be non-marginal, meaning that it should be able to earn profit and employ not only the investor, but a minimum of 5 employees. Real estate is a marginal business; hence it doesn’t fall under the E-2 visa requirements.

The funds invested by you have to be committed before you can get the E-2 visa. What we mean is that the funds should be irrevocable.

There is an important E-2 visa requirement that you must have before you can be considered at all. You must be a citizen of a Treaty nation that is deemed eligible for the E-2 visa. To know if you meet all the requirements, it is advisable to talk to an expert in the field of U.S. Visa Applications, Martin J Lawler.

I, Martin Lawler, have been in the field of helping foreign investors gain access to the U.S. via E-2 visas, as long as they belong to the treaty nations.

Martin Lawler, What Does Being a National of a Treaty Country Mean?

When we talk about being a citizen of the Treaty nation, it means that you are a national of the country that has had a treaty signed with the U.S. concerning this aspect of immigration.

The fact that you are a permanent resident of a country doesn’t mean that you can benefit from this treaty. You must be a resident, and you should possess a valid passport to prove this. The Passport must be from the treaty nation. It doesn’t matter if you live in the treaty nation or not, as long as you are a citizen of the treaty country, you are good to go. There are exceptions to the citizens of the U.K.

Let’s use an example.

Let’s say you are a citizen of Spain, but you have not lived there for many years, you are still permitted to apply for the E-2 visa because Spain is a treaty nation.

It is also important to note that where you live can determine which consulate that you will use in carrying out this E-2 visa application, but when it concerns your eligibility for E-2 visa, you are eligible.

Like earlier said, this rule has an exception, and it is solely for the citizens of the U.K. If you are a national of the U.K, you are expected to live in the UK before you can apply for the E-2 visa.

When we talk of residing in the UK, there are some factors that are considered to see if you consider the UK your home or not.

When the facts and factors are considered, there are some situations that permit citizens of the UK not living in the UK to qualify. Let’s use examples.

A UK citizen currently on temporary work assignment in another country- it doesn’t matter how long it is- can easily qualify for this visa. The person can also qualify if he or she was once in the United States on a long term immigrant visa like H-1B.

Before you can see if you are eligible as a UK citizen, it is important to get a qualified E-2 immigration expert like Martin J Lawler to assess the case.

It doesn’t matter if you have more than one passport, you can still get access to the U.S. through the E-2 visa, once a passport is that of a Treaty nation.

Why are Only Treaty Countries Eligible for an E-2 Visa?

This is one question that I have been asked a lot. Some persons want to know why they aren’t eligible for it. The truth is that the E-class of visas, E-1, and E-2 visas are designed solely for those that are citizens of countries that have International Treaties with the U.S.

What we mean by a treaty is an agreement that is made between countries in a bid to improve its trade, relations, as well as economic growth. If you are from a country that has this treaty with the U.S., it means that your country also allows citizens of the U.S. to come into your country to do similar things that you wish to do within the U.S.

The treaties that are guiding different counties with the U.S. weren’t signed at the same time. UK signed its treaty with the US on July 3, 1815, while the US signed its treaty Bahrain on May 30, 2001.

There are some countries that have their Treaty applications processed when E2 visas are concerned like Israel. One thing that should be noted is that the fact that a country has its name listed on the E1 visa country list doesn’t mean that it would be listed on the E2 visa country list. A clear example is Israel.

Which Countries are on the E-2 Visa List?

As I stated earlier, before you can be eligible for the E-2 visa, you have to be a national of a treaty nation.

One would have expected China and India, the two most populous nations to be on the E-2 list, but they are not found on the list for political reasons.

The fact that your country has good relations with the US doesn’t guarantee that its name is there, that’s why you need an expert like Martin J Lawler to run thorough research to see if you are eligible and carry out the application process in your stead.

Some of the U.S. treaty nations are as follows:











Norway, and so on.











Georgia and


There are more countries in the list, and one thing that should be noted is that these countries joined the list by signing treaties with the U.S.