Getting a visa as an Italian national can be made possible via the E-2 visa. With this type of visa, the E-2 visa requires you to make a large financial investment in a U.S. company before you can establish the visa.

The E-2 visa process is designed to allow the investor to gain access to the U.S. so long as the financial requirement is met and there is solid evidence that the applicant will work to make the business flourish in the United States. As an investor on E-2 visa, you are permitted to take your dependents along with you, like your spouses, as well as unmarried kids that are below the age of twenty-one years old.

For years, I, Martin Lawler, have helped a lot of people, including Italian nationals, to gain access into the United States via this channel.

Getting the E-2 visa is made easier for Italians since Italy signed a treaty concerning commerce and navigation matters with the U.S.

You can easily extend the E-2 visa. There is no time stamp on when you are expected to head back to your country, as long as the business that you are running still exists and is meeting the E-2 Visa requirements. This is a clever way to get into the United States, but it has to be done without mistakes. To get this done correctly, and to meet all the E-2 visa requirements, it is advisable that you use an expert in the field, Martin J Lawler.

For years, I, Martin J Lawler, have helped investors gain access to the country via the E2 visas.

If you want to understand what the E-2 visa procedure is like in Rome, and what Italians have done to get access to the United States via the E-2 visa, continue reading.

Getting E2 Visas As An Italian National: The Fundamentals

There are different ways to gain access to the United States, and one of them is via the E-2 visa. This is a visa program created solely for investors that are able to invest a large number of funds into a business in the U.S.

There may be no minimum amount that should be invested to meet the E-2 visa requirements, but it is advisable that whatever you invest should be large enough to make sure that the business succeeds. To make the process more successful, it is advisable to invest at least $200,000 USD.

From working with a lot of investors that gained access to the country via E-2 visas, I, Martin Lawler, have noticed that if the amount invested isn’t seen as tangible enough, it could lead to you being denied the E-2 visa. The amount should be enough to run the business, and if you stick to the proposed threshold, your chances of getting into the U.S via the E-2 visa increases.

One thing that should be noted is that the investment you intend to make shouldn’t be seen as either idle or speculative. What we mean by that is that an investment in real estate won’t be seen as one that would get you the E-2 visa.

What this means is that the investor is required to put the funds into an active business, one that can be controlled. For the E-2 visa to become a reality, you would have to put your funds in a business that has risks to bear.

Martin Lawler: “The investment that you make must be able to employ a minimum of five people”

Furthermore, the investment that you intend to make must be done in a real business that runs a non-marginal operation.

What this means is that the enterprise should be able to churn out the right amount of profit that will not only give the investor and his family money to live on but will also put food on the tables of others.

An expert in the world of E-2 visa like Martin J Lawler can easily aid you in creating the right business plan that will clinch you the E-2 visa. In the business plan, we will make sure that the business looks both non-marginal and real. We will help you to make a convincing case to the consulate that you have the intention of creating jobs for others through the business.

Italians are allowed to enter through the United States via the E-2 visa when they make investments into a business in the country but they have to run and develop it. If you, as an applicant, aren’t the principal investor or the one making the significant investment, you can also gain access into the country by getting an E2 visa for a highly skilled worker, executive or supervisor.

For those Italians that intend to be employees, the E-2 visa process is quick once the company that is employing you has been vetted.

To find out if the company has been vetted, you can visit the U.S. Embassy in Rome, as they have a list of those enterprises that can get E2 Visas for employees since they have already been cleared.

Getting an E2 Visa in Rome as an Italian National

For Italians, every E-2 visa application made is usually processed via the U.S. consulate sited in Rome.

Every applicant is expected to have completed the necessary immigration forms first. The next step is to have yourself registered using the online immigration system; then you are required to pay the corresponding fees.

The Consulate in Rome currently accepts a solely electronic submission for applications. You will have to submit documents that show what the investment is, details on the applicant, what the business is, and if it really exists, and if the business is not marginal.

To get this done properly, it is important that you make use of an expert like Martin J Lawler to get the job done. A single mistake can have you declined even when you may have the necessary funds.

Immediately after you send the application to the U.S. Consulate in Rome, they will carry out either of the following actions:

They will confirm that they have received the application, or they will send it back to you because it wasn’t done properly. Once accepted, you will be set up with an interview date.