The E-2 treaty investor visa allows business people to invest and work in the United states. Thus it allows the investors to take care of their business in the US, depending on their origin country this visa may go from three months or extendable up to five years.

This process is sought by the investors and entrepreneurs creating businesses in the united states, or business people purchasing markets, also the owners, the managers, and employees of the company.

The E-2 visas are one of the best options after the green card, you should keep in mind that this process is temporary contrary to the green card which is permanent. The best feature of this visa that it doesn’t require a minimum amount of dollars for the investment and it has an unlimited number of extensions. Otherwise, this visa is also available to non-investors individuals, you could just be one of the employees of a business funded by an investor of the same nationality as you.

The criteria of the E-2 visa

First of all, there must be a treaty between the United States and your origin country, this visa is not applicable for everyone, it is only available to a few nationalities, thus before applying, you must check the list of the treaty countries in the Travel State Gov website because it is not a permanent list.

Secondly, that business must be owned 50 percent or more by the citizens of that treaty county.

The next criteria, is that there must be a considerable investment of money, cash or trademarks in the united states.

It also requires a specific and exact business and investment plan, that makes you able to develop and grow the business, and of course you are going to need a US office and US employees working or going to be hired soon.

And finally, your company must engage in commercial activities with the legal requirements for doing business in the united states.

The types of E-2 visas

As we have mentioned, this process is sought by the investors creating businesses in the United States and business people purchasing markets, so there are two types.

With the first type, let us take the example of a European company that creates fabrics which comes to the United States to advertise their products. Their executives, managers, and people who have special knowledge of their products can easily obtain E-2 visas to settle the US company, so long as they hire US employees, have a US office, and a considerable amount of capital.

The second type concerns the individuals who are looking to purchase businesses in the United States, this type revealed a problem, because the one who is purchasing does not want to pay a big amount of money and they want to be sure that they have purchased a profitable business.

How to apply to E-2 US visa?

Generally, the applicant should apply at the closest United States Embassy in his home or place of permanent residence. This procedure requires an age older than 13 years old and younger than 80 years old. Others must be requested by the embassy.

The processing time may spend few weeks to a couple of months in most cases includes an interview with the embassy consular.

The investment amount in most cases is between one hundred and fifty thousand dollars to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, certain investments requires more capital and sometime less but that is the historical average investment amount.

The type of business that qualifies for the E2 visa:

The E2 visas are available for any type of business, the U.S. may prefer to assist technology companies lancing businesses in the United states, otherwise there are plenty types of business that qualify for the E-2 visa from restaurants to consulting companies. The United States is looking for companies that will improve and stimulate the local U.S. economy.

The E-2 visa is temporary, for how much time?

There are 82 countries on the list, for example, Norway is a five-year visa, Sweden is a two-year visa, Mexico is a one-year visa, Canada is a five-year visa, most of the countries have five-year visas, this long-term visa allows the business people to establish, invest and work in the United States.

These periods are usually extendable, setting an example of a client of ours has been running a hotel In the United States about twenty years and continues extending an E-2 visa, so they can be extended for the life of the person running that business.

Here are some tips for the E2 visa applicants:

It is so important for the applying investor to have a good business plan, the specific and exact plan will help you estimate the profits before starting or buying a business.

You need more than the estimated capital of the business, it always takes more funds than the estimate to launch a new business and it will make your chances higher for your E-2 visa applications.

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