Martin Lawler

One of the most experienced E-2 Visa attorneys one can consult is Martin lawyer. Building trust with clients is our priority and we pride ourselves in guiding qualified candidates into the United States. Martin Lawler has over 30 years of experience in the immigration law field. Martin Lawler focuses very heavily on the E-2 Investor Visa application process and has a proven track record of approvals.

Things to gather for an E-2 work visa

The following are the documents you need to pick before applying for a work purpose category E-2 visa

  • Digital E-2 visa applications
  • Authenticated passport with more than six months valid date
  • A 2×2 inch picture
  • Registration of business card for the US
  • A strategic business plan to show how your business will operate and improve the U.S. economy
  • Showing your assets and income history

There are many things that you can consider before applying for a work based category E-2 visa. Mentioned above are few among many things that you should consider reviewing before applying for the E-2 work visa. Having all the authenticated information with all the required documents with the help of the best attorney, is a proven way to successfully apply for the E-2 Visa.