The E-2 Visa Application process is considered to be one of the most robust and sturdy means one can take to establishing residence in America. These applications are used to determine the intentions of the individuals applying for them and what kind of work they are seeking.

Process Of visa:

Further discussing the Visa Process, it has many variations with E-2 Visas being one of the most prominent and well sought-after choices. Unlike other visas, the E-2 offers a more secure chance of employment or residence in the country for qualifying candidates. Going into the details of the E-2, this type of visa is for investors who want to pursue a legitimate structured business or any other investment in the United States. This, as explained previously, is the next best alternative you can acquire over the Green Card.

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Martin Lawler, a well-reputed lawyer who works under the law firm Lawler & Lawler, is a San Francisco based attorney and is top tier for consultation of elite class organizations intending to extend their operations in the US.

As explained by Martin himself, the E-2 isn’t just applicable for companies themselves, the employees of these certain organizations can also qualify. Some things have to be kept in mind although, you should be an active representative of the organization, you must NOT be a part-time worker of the firm currently entitled to, a minimum contract of 2 years with the organization is required, or the application would be considered void.

There are specific criteria to be met for the actual processing and approval of the E-2 visa applications. The company who wants to do business (AKA Apply for the E-2) must be one that the U.S. is on positive terms with. A “Treaty” as the modern world says, is very much beneficial for the organization. The Current President of the United States, Donald J Trump has redlined some of the countries, such as Palestine, Israel, and Venezula. Countries deemed as threatening to the U.S, compared to other applications from countries like Canada, Australia, and the latter will not be considered for the E-2 Visa application. So, it is necessary to have a healthy relationship with the country you are applying for the E-2 Visas.

E2 visa application process for businesses

The company which intends to get the E-2 must be owned (In Shares or Common Stock Equity) by the majority of its local citizens. In detail, the actual ownership of the company must not be by foreign individuals as it lessens the chances of approval and arouses certain suspicion. If local investors own a company, it dramatically increases the trust of the approval committee.

One of the most vital components of the process is to have a substantial amount of capital that the organization is willing to invest in that country. The minimum and maximum amount of money vary on different organizations, but in most cases, it starts from $150,000 and goes to a maximum amount of $300,000. These numbers can be altered, but this will depend after the approval process when negotiations between the countries are being handled.

A Robust business plan is vital for the consideration of the approval by the committee, having a robust and long-term vision always revs up intuition and interest in proposals. The idea and business plan being proposed can be of a previously operating business or something new entirely. This is an excellent chance for start-up companies and young entrepreneurs who are willing to show their pure talents. As long as the plan is approved by the board of directors of the organization being represented, the process becomes feasible and comfortable enough.

An example of this is the extension of Ogilvy and Mather, A UK based Promotions and marketing firm. They have extensions all over the globe and also went through the E-2 process but on a massive scale as compared to other companies or countries.

The next type is the kind of investors who want to purchase certain ongoing operations in the U.S; there are many renowned companies operating in America ranging from General Electric to Apple Inc. What these particular type of investors do is buy franchises or a considerable amount of operations in the U.S, put their workforce there, earn good revenue and then as per the contract, they share the profits made with the parent company.

Applying for the E-2 Visa need not be complicated, but it is always recommended to do so under the help of qualified legal counsel.