Want to live and work in the United States? Then the E-2 visa is exactly what you need. Entering into reciprocal treaties with almost 82 countries the United States is allowing people to come and start businesses underr the E-2 visas program. The person applying for the E-2 visa applications must have the same nationality as the majority of the people in the business which is about 50% to 51%. Moreover, the foreign national must come to the United States to work as a manager, executive or any other essential worker.


The following are the basic requirements discussed by Martin Lawler to apply for an E-2 visa;

  • The stay of the foreign national must be temporary and for the purpose of doing business, and does not mature into a green card holder.
  • The investment in the United States should be substantial enough.
  • The owners of the company in the United States must be the citizens of the treaty country.
  • The business conducted in the United States must not be a marginal enterprise rather an operating business
  • The business must create employment opportunities
  • The foreign national must work as an executive manager or any other important worker.

Let us now discuss the main points of the E-2 visas in detail.

  1. Investment

The main requirement of an E-2 visa is to invest in a substantial amount of capital in the United States. According to Martin Lawler from $150,000 to $200,000 is the minimum amount of capital required. The E-2 Visa not only requires cash but it can also be some kind of intellectual property as well as having the value of the required amount. This is proved with the business plan, and other documentation included. However, evaluating noncash items can be challenging and includes the proof of the cost of its development and skilled testimony of its value.

  • The nationality of the investor

The E-2 visa rules require the U.S. business to be owned by about 50% to 51% by nationals of the treaty country of the visa applicants.

  • Processing time

The time for processing the visas varies accordingly. However, the average time in which the American counsel issues the E-2 visa is 6 weeks. Furthermore, the time for issuing the visa also varies according to the treaty country. The visa issued in China takes about 20 months to 3 years whereas the time for other countries s different.

  • Detailed business plan

The E-2 visa applicants must have a detailed business plan including each and every single point of the business to be conducted in the United States. It must have a head office or offices in the United States. the business plan must also include detailed information about employees of the United States hired or will be hired in the near future.

  • Creating job opportunities

American Consuls expect E-2 organizations to make U.S. work steady with the requirements of the business. An E-2 marketable strategy needs to demonstrate some employee development; however, there is neither an ordered sum nor a time limitation. E-2 endeavors may likewise support managers and basic skilled representatives with the same nationality from the organization’s proprietors for E-2s and other non-migrant visas that are not nationality specific, for example, the H-1B visa.

  • Management

E-2 visa holders must work for the business for which the visa is issued. The visa candidate might be a proprietor, executive, director or individual with basic aptitudes and skills about the organization’s procedures, tech, products, and services as well as business strategies. E-2 basic information employees need not have worked for the organization’s abroad activities, yet involvement with the organization’s products s as well as administrations demonstrates the worker’s essentiality. While the expert suggests that such representatives, while applying for an E-2 visa, ought to show they will be supplanted by U.S. employees, this isn’t regularly required by American delegates in Europe. In any case, an organization principally staffed by E-2 visa holders may confront this issue.

  • The validity of the Visa

Most E-2 visas are issued for almost five years. Some reciprocity agreements between a few nations command shorter terms. For instance, the American diplomat in Sweden issues two-year visas; in Mexico, it issues one-year visas; Thailand issues half year visas. E-2 visas can be extended for the span of the U.S. business activities. A stay of two years will be allowed each time the E-2 visa holder enters the United States.

  • Dependents of the applicant

An E-2 visa holder’s partner/spouse may likewise acquire an E-2 visa and a work permit in the United States. Youngsters may get E-2 visas, however after turning 21 must leave the U.S. or on the other hand change status, usually to a study visa.

  • Types of E-2 visas

According to Martin Lawler, there are usually two types of E-2 visas;

First, are the international businesses that are setting up a branch or branches in the United States. The executives of such companies can apply for E-2 visas.

The second type is offered to those buying a business in the United States. The applicant must make sure to buy a profitable business so as not to face any loss, in such case, it will result in the loss of the E-2 visa as well.

  1. Types of business qualifying for the E-2 visas

Almost every type of business is accepted while applying for an E-2 visa except a marginal business. Usually, the American counsel promotes and frequently assists the technology-based businesses, but every type is accepted from a restaurant to daycare.

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