What to do when life gets more stringent in your native nation

Life is all about ups and downs. No matter how much you try, there is always something missing, a part of you still crave for more. A viable solution to this problem is to move to a foreign nation to earn a living for your family.

Why do people feel the need to move to some other place for work?

The United States has always been known as a land for opportunity. The dream of a better life in America is still alive and well and the E-2 Visa application is a great means to get access to all that the United States has to offer.

There are different procedures to move to another nation for work. With the help of a legal advisor like Martin Lawler you can access the information regarding what proper documentation is needed and what kind of visa you will need to travel to the US accordingly. There are many attorneys in this field but choosing the best and the most experienced person is a proven means to a successful visa application.

Martin Lawler

Martin Lawler has 30 years of past experience in this field making him a reputable option for your visa application. To enter in the US with a purpose to work and to earn a living for yourself and your family you need a work visa. Let me explain to you about the E-2 visas below.

Visa for work?

The E-2 visa is the kind of permit that a person needs to enter the US with the purpose to work there, but only for a specified time of work. This means that you can be allowed to work if you fulfill the requirements for the E-2 application.

Can you go for work with visit visa?

The answer is “no”, you cannot, because to work in the U.S. you need to have a work permit and not a visit visa. And for a work visa, you will benefit from a visa of category E-2.

Documents to attach along with your E-2 visa applications

Mentioned below are materials that you need to gather to apply for an E-2 category visa

  • Digital E-2 visa application
  • passport with its validity through your stay in the US
  • 5×5 cm photographs
  • Registration certificate of your business in the US.
  • A business plan displaying all your strategies as to how you will earn and how much you will earn to support all your expenses
  • Documents mentioning your sources of income
  • Documents displaying your attachment with your native nation that you will come back after your work is done.

Mentioned below are things you have to keep in mind when you contact us

Valid information

The thing to keep in mind before applying for any visa is that the information you are giving is authenticated and accurate. Wrong data can lead to problems, so you cannot let that happen by providing all the information valid and verified, as well as entering the application arena with a proven legal counsel.