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            Martin Lawler has specialized in the E-2 Visa application process for decades and consults with potential United States immigrants on the subject on a daily basis. Although he is based in San Francisco, California Martin Lawler’s law office serves many clients internationally. Although this site is dedicated specifically to the E-2 Visa process, we realize that the E-2 Visa is not always the perfect fit for every potential immigrant. Martin Lawler hopes to make it clear that there are many options for visa applicants even if the E-2 Visa is not the perfect fit for your specific case. This article is intended to share some of the resources that Martin has available on your journey to living in the United States of America.


A brief explanation on the E-2 option according to Martin Lawler:

            The E-2 Visa gives the holder the ability to live and work in the United States for a time period of 3 months to 5 years depending on which country they are coming from. As you may have seen in the news, the United State has tightened up a lot of immigration over the last few years so the Investor visa is not available to every nation. You can find a list of current e2 visa qualifying countries here. The E-2 visa is an agreement based on the applicant investing a substantial amount of money into the United States. The amount of money required varies based on the business model but the applicant must be prepared to have a clearly defined business support with numbers to indicate that it is going to be useful to the U.S. economy.

            If you have arrived on this site most likely you have a specific interest in the E-2 visa program. Here are some of our relevant pieces of content on the E-2 Visa.

            The main site for visa information is About Visas by Martin Lawler which has information not exclusive to the E-2 Visa program but still holds quality information on the E-2 Visa here.


A brief explanation of the EB-5 Visa option and resources from Martin Lawler.

            The EB-5 Visa allows for an immigrant to receive permanent residence in the United States with a green card if they invest a significant sum of money in a new or existing firm, or regional center enterprise. To be considered for the EB-5 the applicant must be prepared for a minimum investment of $500,000 and also show that they will create a minimum of 10 jobs for American citizens. Keep in mind that the minimum investment will be increasing as of November 21st, 2019. It is expected to be increased to $900,000 so be prepared for this change.

            The EB-5 Visa is one of Martin’s specialties. Martin and his team have filed over 500 regional center EB-5 petitions for applicants. The EB-5 visa program has been going through an era of change as the immigration policies have changed over the last few years.  You can find the latest resources for the EB-5 here. Martin and his team understand that communication can be an issue and a potential road block for understanding the intricacies of the visa process. Martin Lawler has employed a diverse staff that is fluent in Mandarin, Spanish, Cantonese, and Japanese. He has made frequent trips over seas engaging with clients directly and has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the field. If you are interested more specifically in gaining more knowledge you can also check out Martin Lawler’s EB-5 blog.




Extraordinary Ability Visas and resources from Martin Lawler

            One of Martin’s main focuses is also the Extraordinary Ability Visa program.

This visa option is just how it sounds. Generally offered to highly talented researchers or professors who have proven to be exceptional in their area of expertise. This option applies to brilliant minds in the sciences, the arts, or the business world. It generally requires a solid portfolio of accomplishments that can be shown on the application to show the value that the applicant will bring to the country. The applicant does not necessarily need to be sponsored by an employer like many of the visa options, but if they intend on doing research then they must have an employment offer. If you feel you may qualify for this visa please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and we will help you along the way. You can check out a visual guide on this visa offering here: Martin Lawler’s Extraordinary Ability Visa Video.




Martin Lawler and the L-1 Visa

According to Martin Lawler, the L-1 Visa is offered to the higher up management of multinational organizations. This generally applies to executives and managers of large scale global companies, but can also apply to religious organizations or accounting firms. It should be made clear that the size of the company is not necessarily a limitation, but smaller companies can expect to face more scrutiny than larger proven organizations. To qualify the applicant must have been employed by a minimum of one year in the past three years by the organization that wishes to employ them within the United States. If the applicant does not meet the minimum time requirement they can still find a way to approval but their visa will be limited to a single year. After that time period they can file for an extension and they will be able to continue working in the United States if the company can prove that they are still a valuable addition to the United States.


Martin Lawler’s Visa Videos

If you are more of a visual learner Martin Lawler also has created a series of youtube videos on the E-2 visa program. You can check out Martin Lawler’s youtube channel and learn at your own pace.


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